Project Waterfront

Unlocking Potential: Welcome to Project Waterfront!

At Project Waterfront, we're on a mission to create something extraordinary for Newark's youth. Imagine a place where young minds become leaders, where challenges turn into triumphs, and where every individual has the chance to thrive.


What is Project Waterfront?

Project Waterfront is more than a building; it's a vision. We're working to build a special space for Newark Sea Cadets—a place where they can learn, grow, and develop important life skills. Think of it as a launchpad for future leaders, team players, and contributors to our community.


What Does Being a Cadet Mean?

Being a cadet is about learning through experiences, gaining leadership skills, and becoming a valuable member of a team. These are the qualities that make our cadets not just learners, but future contributors to our community and local businesses.


Our Challenges: Boating Location, Affordable Courses, and Fit-for-Purpose Premises:

We're honest about the challenges we face. Our aim is for every cadet to experience the true benefits to boating activities - a real adventure on the water. We want to offer affordable residential opportunities that build resilience and independence. 


Why Does it Matter to You and the Community?

Investing in Project Waterfront means investing in the future. Local businesses play a vital role—your support shapes the next generation of workers, filled with skills like leadership and teamwork. It's about creating a community that not only grows economically but also fosters a workforce ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us on this exciting journey. Together, let's build not just a place but a future for Newark's youth to thrive and succeed.

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"As we embark on Project Waterfront, the support of our community is paramount. This is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to play a crucial role in the development and success of Newark Sea Cadets. Without the financial support from the local businesses and communities, Project Waterfront simply won't happen."

Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Simon Cullen RNR

Commanding Officer

Newark Sea Cadets

"Project Waterfront represents a pivotal moment for Newark Sea Cadets. We are not just building a facility; we are creating a legacy that will positively impact generations to come. We invite everyone in our community to be part of this journey, whether through financial support, expertise, or joining our dedicated Project Committee."

Mr Chris Gough

Unit Chairperson

Newark Sea Cadets

Ministry of Defence Commissioned Research

In May 2021, the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact (ISII) at the University of Northampton released research on the social impact and return on investment resulting from the Ministry of Defence's (MOD) expenditure on Cadet Forces in the UK.


Project Waterfront, in alignment with the MOD's research, is a dynamic extension of the proven success of Cadet Forces nationwide. Demonstrating substantial positive outcomes in education, health, employability, and community relations, it echoes the value highlighted in the MOD's investment.


While the research acknowledges challenges in expanding cadet numbers, Project Waterfront provides a targeted and innovative solution to amplify these positive impacts.


Investing in Project Waterfront allows contributors to support life-enhancing experiences, especially for young people in economically disadvantaged areas. This initiative aligns with corporate social responsibility values, providing a unique opportunity for investors to make a lasting impact on youth and the community.


Much like the MOD's recognised effective use of taxpayers' money in supporting Cadet Forces, backing Project Waterfront presents an opportunity for investors to champion positive change and secure a brighter future for Newark's youth.

Financial Impact of Vocational Qualifications:

Cadets can gain vocational qualifications, contributing to increased wage gains of up to 20% and improved employment prospects. The estimated lifetime value of qualifications for the 2018–2019 cohort of CVQO learners is approximately £108.9 million.

Positive Impact on Education and Behaviour:

Joining a cadet unit is associated with improvements in attendance and behaviour, with some schools claiming positive financial benefits from reduced exclusions.

Community Engagement and Wellbeing:

Cadet Forces regularly engage in culture/heritage and sport activities, associated with increased wellbeing, improved health, enhanced educational and economic prospects, and higher levels of positive civic participation.

Based on a 20% sample of Cadet Forces members, young people in the Cadet Forces produce an indicative annual return on investment of approximately £95 million. This includes reductions in GP visits, mental health services, and significant lifetime private and public benefits.

Indicative Annual Return on Investment:

Value of Adult Volunteer Contribution:

Adult volunteers (CFAVs) contribute significantly, with a total annual benefit of around £479 million. Each CFAV gains a benefit in the region of £16,560 per year, contributing to the overall positive impact of the Cadet Forces.

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